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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Something Smells in Denmark!

For some of my readers this is going to sound like an odd post today, but for others you will know exactly what I am so upset about.

I am so blessed to live in a country where democracy reigns free!!!  Laws, decisions, presidents, etc are all passed, made, and elected based on group votes and group input!!!  There are still a few in this country that are full of themselves and feel that they must command and dictate what others do and say!  I say when you cannot be happy with yourself, you must control others to make yourself happy!  AND when you cannot control your own life, you must control everything and everyone around you!  When a person like this rules the roost, discontent is bound to happen.  This is the case for me today!

As you can see, I have removed widgets and banners pertaining to the Promotional Frenzy Team.  What once used to be a fantastic team has now been reduced to a "dictatorship" where one commands the "little people" around her.  While, not all of my comments pertain to all of the leadership of the team, it does pertain to one.  The ONE who seems to believe she is always right.  Her controlling behavior has caused 6 active members of her team to leave.  She is either in denial that some of her team members are unhappy or she is delusional.  No one wants to confront her for fear of her nasty attitude and her backlash.  Proof of that can be seen in her team newsletter that was forwarded to all team members.  In the newsletter she discussed how shops were chatting outside of the team.  Comments were made by team members about her bad attitude and rude remarks.  She tried to defend herself and say that she doesn't make decisions alone.  The truth of the matter is that when confronted she recoils, becomes angry, and defensive.  How can anyone get through to an ego so inflated that they are NEVER wrong? 

A leader should care about their people.  A leader should put their wants aside for the bigger cause...the team.  I do not see that with this leader.  My suggestion to try a new kind of BNR was posted on a prominent thread for all to see, read, and discuss, and then promptly closed because she felt it was in the way.  When I posted another thread to show my disappointment in being removed from the main discussion area she started a tiraid of convo's.  I was scolded for "stirring up **it."  I don't know what planet she is from but where I come from I have always been able to speak my mind without permission!  If I don't like something I can, and will, say something....especially when I think the decisions that were made for the T E A M were flat out wrong!!!  For example, a couple months ago the decision was made to have BNR's every other week rather than every week because participation was down.  To replace that days activity, a "Temporary Treasury Tuesday" was established.  We were to create a treasury and everyone would comment and chat during that time in the treasury.  The idea was to bring exposure to our shops.  The theory was "Any exposure is good exposure."  So why then, if exposure was the top priority, would the leader decide to make new "rules and requirements" for the team that made us remove ourselves from other "conflicting" teams?????  We were told that if we wanted to be a part of the Promotional Frenzy Team that we could not be a part of other teams that used the same promoting tools as the PFT team used....such as Twitter, Facebook, Handmadology, Pinterest, Stumblupon, etc.  Are you freaking kidding me???  This dictator is now telling us who we can be involved with on Etsy!!!  What happened to any exposure is good exposure????  Something smells rotten in Denmark!!!

My intention was to leave the team today.  However, before I could leave she forwarded me a convo.  Here is the convo:

YOU are making assumptions.

I convo'd every single shop on this team that has been with us for awhile before making this decision. They all knew about this and all supported it. I wouldn't have made this decision without that.

I didn't just make a decision hastily or without support.

ALL my team leaders supported this and so did the majority of our team.

If you feel this way then LEAVE. you haven't been active at all with us and you pop up out of the blue to just cause problems. If you feel this strongly about it then move on.

The decision has been made, we aren't changing the decision. It wasn't just ME that made this decision so you don't be disillusioned about it.


The next convo to follow from her:

This is over and done with. I am going to contact Etsy for harassment if you continue. I see you are forwarding my PRIVATE convo's to others and accidentally forwarded it to me. So this will be very helpful in my contact to Etsy about what you are doing.

You weren't contacted by the way because you haven't been active.

You were just stirring shit up on purpose...

And clearly still are by forwarding my convos on to others, which is a violation of Etsy rules.

Truly I don't know if I can forward messages on Etsy

I am not the only one to leave the team because of this garbage that goes on.  I only hope that everyone else realises that there are thousands of teams on Etsy and my success will go on without her egotistic, inflated, dictatorship!  It's time to move on where my hard work, ideas, and contributions are appreciated and encouraged!!! 

To all of you looking for teams to join, beware that if it feels wrong, it is wrong!  Don't ever forget that there is no "I" in team but some people just don't know how to spell!!!! 


  1. Just for general information, it is not against Ety's rules to forward on a conversation. You can find the rules on that here:

    and even Etsy says
    "we do not control the universe, or even the rest of the Internet."

    but nowhere in there does it prohibit you from forwarding convos.

  2. "and even Etsy says
    "we do not control the universe, or even the rest of the Internet."

    Love it..........