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Friday, October 7, 2011

God's miracle!

     A couple of days ago, our 11 year old German Shepard mix dog busted out of our gate during the night.  We aren't really sure how since the gate was locked but none the less she was outta here!  Oh, how we looked for our beloved Lady for two days.  We hung up signs, called all the shelters, asked every runner and dog walker we saw, questioned kids walking to school, and drove everywhere all over the neighborhood!  I never knew there were so many mail boxes in my life.  The mail lady earns her paycheck!  We were trying to be positive but as the hours passed on we knew her chances of surviving were getting slimmer and slimmer.  Our little Lady is getting old, she has arthritis that makes her limp, she losing weight because (as the vet said) she is getting older and loosing muscle mass, and since she's always been in a fence she was not going to know what to do with cars.  I prayed, my husband prayed, but we were beginning to wonder if she went off to die somewhere or if she had been hit by a car and was dieing or dead on the side of a road somewhere.  All I could picture was scavenger birds pecking at her dead body.  Still, we were trying to stay positive for our kids sake.
     Today, my husband got the phone call!  Our limping, arthritic, sick, aged baby was found about 4 miles away from our house!  Did you hear 4 miles???  Here is where the miracle comes in.  Also this morning, a 7 year old boy went missing in our area.  All of the police were out looking for him along with the sheriffs department.  One of the sheriffs heard that the little boy liked water and knew where there was a small "creek" nearby.  The sheriff drove down the dirt road, across the creek, and further down the creek.  She said she drove at least 2 miles down the road when she saw Lady laying partway in the partially dried out creek.  She really thought Lady was already dead because she never picked her head up when she head the truck coming or when she called her 6-7 times.  It wasn't until she walked up to her and saw that she was breathing that the Lady finally popped her head up.  The sheriff tossed her a dog bone and she still wouldn't get up.  The sheriff knew she was in trouble and wouldn't last much longer out there.  She had Internet access with her and searched Craigslist for lost dog ads.  Not finding one, she called the animal shelter to tell them to come and get her.  Well, remember when I  said that we called all the shelters?  We also left our phone numbers with them in the event that someone brought her in.  Our Little Lady is home!
     Why is that such an amazing thing?  Just another dog getting lost, right?  I believe there is more to this.  I have always firmly believed that all things happen for a reason.  Losing an missing Lady has made us all realise how much she is truly treasured and how much we blessed we are to have her as part of our family.  I also believe that little boy was missing for a reason.  Maybe it was to help us find our dog?  Maybe it was so his family could change something in their lives?  Thank God the little boy was found and is OK!  What a horrible time that family must have gone through waiting for the baby to come home too!  Had the sheriff not been looking for the boy, NO ONE would ever have found our Lady in such a secluded area!!!  Had that sheriff not been a person who loves animals, someone else may have just left a dieing dog alone to die.  Everything was not meant to be, it was instead planned.  All things do happen for a reason!  God did answer our prayers!
     While Lady is exhausted, she is still happy to be home.  When the woman opened the kennel Lady didn't want to stand and get out.  She was so, so, tired!  When Lady saw me and Jacob (my son) she perked her ears up, wagged her tail, and sort of tried to stand up.  She knew she was going home!  She's wobbly on all four legs, is folding one of her paws under when she walks, and has a knot on her side but she has perked up a with pain meds.  Poor baby ate two cans of dog food and drank a bowl and a half of water.  She is coughing a little and still doesn't have enough energy to stand but she is headed out to the vet in a couple hours and I am sure she will get all the care she needs and deserves after her couple nights on the town!  =+D
     Although I know the Sheriff will never read this, I have to say thank you to her on here.  She brought our baby home!!!  I was able to thank her by phone and to tell her how much happiness she brought us simply by her doing her job.  What a kind, wonderful, caring person she is and I wish her all the best!!!
     I will leave you with a picture of our son and Lady cherishing and loving each other!


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